Have you ever wanted emotional peace? This is how! Take a listen as we navigate the topic of congruency. In our overall topic of tightening your CORE,...View Details

Want more courage? Need more courage?! Or do you just want to know what it takes? Then, this podcast is for you! Listen to this episode, part of our s...View Details

Have you ever asked yourself, “What does daily living look like when you’re Christ-Centered?" Then, this podcast is for you! Flex your Jesus muscles.

Have you ever wondered what a healthy relationship looks like? Want to know what are the green flags, meaning good-to-go? Join us on this episode of r...View Details

Speed walk with us, as we help you strengthen your emotional CORE. An emotional core makes up your physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental health. ...View Details

Do you ever wonder “Why do I keep choosing the wrong people?” This podcast is for you. Learn the art of spotting the clinical red flags in people.

Are you easily offended and don’t want to be? Learn the art of having thicker skin without losing a soft heart. Journey with two therapists in this ep...View Details

Do you ever wonder at which intensity level you should be at? This assertiveness podcast is for you! Find the right voice at the right time

Do you have a hard time deciphering what’s good advice and what’s just plain baaaad advice? This podcast is for you! 

Does it get to be too much? Fret not, find stress management techniques to help yourself get through the madness. 

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